KSI and Lil Wayne Set the Stereo on Fire with “Lose”

KSI and Lil Wayne have teamed up to release the hottest song of the summer. “Lose” is an absolute anthem from the starting note to the ending line. The hook melodies on the song will loop you in and I’m sure you’ll have every word memorized in no time. Regardless of how on fire the hook is, the lyrics are equally as hot, telling a story that many of us can relate to. The song depicts the ups and downs of a relationship, falling in love, falling out of love, the heartbreak, the lust, being afraid to dive in, being confused, and all of the anxiety that can come with a rollercoaster of a relationship.

The opening line of the track, sung by KSI, goesI’m gon’ need therapy
‘Cause you’re not here with me
That opening line hooked me in immediately, both lyrically and melodically. I wanted to know more about the story that was being told, hear the lyrics on a deeper level, and let the captivating beat take over the speakers of my car stereo and become my anthem, engulfing my mind, body, and soul. Upon first listen, I played the song over and over. Each listen I found more things to love about the lyrics, production, and overall style of the track.

Lil Wayne slips into a great flow on “Lose.” It’s definitely one of Wayne’s best performances as of recently. The lyrics go: “Uh, she loves me, she loves me not, patience, I’m runnin’ out, Walkin’ all over me, made me her stompin’ grounds, Baby, you fucked around, gave me the run-around, Makin’ me wonder how crazy and dumb I sound.” Not only are the rhymes great, but the rhythm and vocal delivery adds more hooks and flavor to the track.

Dive into Lose now. It’s unforgettable:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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