The Mechanizations of Happiness in Blak Emoji’s “Float”

A celebration of life can take many forms, and, fittingly, for New York-based project Blak Emoji, that celebration is encapsulated in an almost self-reflexive bevy of sounds and visions with their new single “Float.”

The chord structure of Float is deceptively simple, comprising of three primary buzzing chords, played through alternating synth textures and carried by a thwacking beat. Its lyrics press into the casual complexities of a day in life, appropriately surmised in this structure- a constant flow, magnetic, ever shifting, but faithfully present throughout the barrage of dynamic vocal work by Blak Emoji’s frontperson, songwriter, and producer Kelsey Warren. Of the inspiration behind “Float,” Warren had to say:

“‘Float’ is basically a celebration of living. I felt this way previously, but when the pandemic hit last year it really forced me to be thankful and take advantage of what I have in life, which is a lot of good. We all get older and life flies by so why not make the best of it and seize the moment? Do whatever you can or want without hurting anyone, including yourself.”

Indeed, there is an uncanny joy hanging about “Float”‘s eaves in Warren’s voice, bouncing to and fro each angle of the sonic spectrum throughout the song’s economic length. In kind, the band fills the song to the brim with a vibrant pallette of electronic textures, masterfully crafting the rhythms and oscillations so as never to butt heads with the vocals- rather, providing an ever-shifting foundation on which they can flow. In this regard, “Float” is an unexpected joy to the ears, with new surprises to be found in subsequent listens.

“Float” is out now and signals the upcoming album release Eclectro on October 1st. Keep an eye out and don’t miss this one!





Review by Bobby Guard


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