Dirty Rotten Fun with BAABES’ “Greaseballs to Glitters”

Garage rock strut meet Bon Scott snarls in the Boston outfit’s debut single off their upcoming self-titled album.

The right kind of riff can really slap you in the face in the best kind of way. BAABES kick the door open with a screech of feedback before rocking back and forth over the one two punch of “Greaseballs to Glitters”‘s main thrust, letting the drums propel the power of the chords even further before the vocals tear into an infectious growl. The energy in this song is infectious, bringing the right amount of roughness to the recording that carries the same addicting thrust as a live experience with just the right amount of sheen to cut through the tried and true nature of the structure.

One of the sweetest flavors of this track is the vocal affections, reminiscent of the aforementioned Scott- that is, if the legendary cock-rocker had traded in some of his cooler flavors for unbridled, ravenous debauchery. Yelping howls pop out of the song’s boom-bap beat like Rat Fink ghouls on a late-night bender. Not to be deterred, everyone in the band gets a chance in the spotlight- they even make room for a so-simple-it-works bass breakdown halfway through that diversifies the sonics just enough before blasting back into the guitars and drums and chaos. “Greaseballs to Glitters” is out now and worth a few gold teeth and then some.

Bandcamp: https://baabes.bandcamp.com/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2sEPR5LDdApDxj6jKKCWit?si=UuNGNXpfSX-hA1aWJpppdA&dl_branch=1

Review by Bobby Guard

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