iamnotshane’s New Single Punch Me In The Face is a Must Listen

The music video is also a must watch!

On August 6th, Los Angeles-based indie pop singer-songwriter iamnotshane released his new single, “Punch Me In The Face.” The song is his first release via new label, Snafu Records, and is available to stream everywhere now.

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A born performer, iamnotshane began singing and songwriting at just 8 years old and soon discovered his unmatched love for storytelling. After gaining a following on tumblr posting bedroom recordings, his 2016 debut Sad EP inspired a series of VHS videos he produced – an early hint at his video-making prowess. The EP spawned his first breakout moment in the form of the official video for debut single “Insecure,” which he cast, co-directed, choreographed, and edited in its entirety. The video went viral and sparked a rabid cult following of fans who appreciate the clever lyricism, visual eye-candy (see: thoroughly unique dance moves), and glaze of irony that make iamnotshane the phenom he is. 

Since his 2016 debut, iamnotshane has gone on to release a 2020 self-titled EP, followed by this year’s debut album, One Less Year Alive, a quarantine project he released independently spring 2021. Across all of his releases, a common thread emerges, of which he notes: “Each song is me trying to figure out life by contemplating death and the hope for something greater. I’m very open about depression and sadness, but like to contrast the dark lyrics with danceable sugary pop production and humor that brings the hope.”

Adding to the creative breadth of iamnotshane’s work, he also wrote and published a comic book inspired by the “Insecure” video alongside an accomplished artist in the anime community who is also a fan. He also recently finished a fantasy novel that he is currently editing. Describing his twisted artistic vision, iamnotshane reveals: “I aspire to make the world a happier place by being a combo of Walt Disney, C.S. Lewis and Alfred Hitchcock if he was a pop star.”

To get a further peek inside iamnotshane’s enigmatic world, listen to his ‘What A Perfect Day For Crying’ podcast on his Patreon.

(Credit: Callum Walker Hutchinson)

An airy slice of indie/electro pop putting iamnotshane’s alluring vocal and sticky-sweet melodies front and center, “Punch Me In The Face” is a plea for the real deal, no sugarcoating. iamnotshane describes, “The song is about needing tough love from a real friend, not the fake friends who tell you everything you want to hear. It’s a wake up call anthem.”

In true iamnotshane form, the video brings the song full-circle in a quirky, ironic, and (this time) rather painful way that you’ll just have to see to believe. 

“Punch Me In The Face” and iamnotshane’s additional 2021 output is an addendum to his early 2021 debut album, One Less Year Alive. The songs also serve as a precursor to a forthcoming European + U.S. headline tour, which will traverse 18 cities over January / February 2022. Full date listing below. Tickets on sale now here

I really enjoyed watching the stunning music video. From the storyline, to the parts that made me chuckle, this was a ride from start to finish. I mean, come on. The beginning of the video starts with him getting punched in the face. I was hooked right then, but especially when his soft vocals came in.

The song really gives lighthearted vibes, with a steady pace that makes this song easy to listen to over and over. I really adored the vocal melodies and the strong vocal delivery, keeping me hooked the entire time. This song sonically feels like quite the opposite of a punch in the face, but more of a soft blanket on a grassy hill with warm summer weather around me. It definitely takes me to a different world.

(Credit: Callum Walker Hutchinson)

Be sure to stream “Punch Me In The Face” by iamnotshane on all platforms now, watch the music video below, and follow him on social media!


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