Synthesizers! Heartbreak! Draumr’s “Another Heart (feat. Dorcas)” Looks for Love with a Groove to Boot

Heartache doesn’t always have to take the somber path to expression. In his latest single, French musician Draumr opts for swan dives and graceful leaps throughout the bouncing grooves of an 80’s sonic funhouse.

The stylish accompanying video to “Another Heart” begins with the song’s undulating bass synths pulsing in the deep background, overcast by the incessant buzz of a flickering light marked “here” as featured vocal star Dorcas cautiously approaches the small doorway below, washed in its white light. A hand pulls her in, and we’re off to the races. Inside, Draumr performs for a crowd of stationary cut-outs, bodies taking up space but offering no response to the frivolities that unfold.

And what lovely frivolities they are- Draumr’s “Another Heart” is an unshakeable pop thrill, glossed in synthesizer trills, vocoder washes, and the gorgeous vocal work by the two artists at play. Once the song begins, the production work grabs hold and never truly lets up. Draumr (Norse for dream) has crafted a hell of a hook in this one, and Dorcas compliments his vocal tones with her own rollercoaster range. The two have an excellent vocal chemistry that is accompanied by joyous dance moves in the music video, where shimmying and swaying abound, as if highlighting the superstar treatment of 1980s synthpop/disco acts on top of the pops. The whole package is truly dreamlike, particularly when the beat drops out and the musicians enter into a brief period of downcast longing. Synths swirl around Dorcas’ vocalizations and Draumr proclaims “I need you / where are we now?” before the beat returns along with echoes of the central question- “will I ever fall in love again / with another heart?” The song ends as too many don’t, with an arena-suited guitar lick straight out of a 70s Wings cut.

“Another Heart” is out now and streaming everywhere. Give it a few listens- you’ll be glad you did.




Review by Bobby Guard


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