This week’s hot releases might end up being your 2022 soundtrack- with songs by Ryan Cassata, Taylor McIntosh, The January Lanterns, Wild Giants, and more.

“CLOSER” by Ryan Cassata x Rillakill

Coming off of his very successful album release, Ryan Cassata blesses us with another hit. I haven’t been able to turn this song off since I first heard it. “CLOSER” by Ryan Cassata meets all your pop-rock, pop-punk needs. With a driving synth and electric guitar behind the song, it’s impossible to not dance or headbang when you hear it. Ryan’s vocals are so catchy you’ll be singing along by your second listen. Check out “CLOSER” on Spotify here.

“To Whatever End” by Taylor McIntosh

This song sounds so polished, the production is amazing! Between Taylor’s emotional vocals and the subtle guitar, you don’t want it to end. The vocals are the focal point with beautiful lyrics about fighting for your relationship. I get strong James Bay vibes listening to this. I would love to see this live, I’m a sucker for power ballads like this. Check it out for yourself on Spotify.

“Lantern of Love” by The January Lanterns

A strong acoustic guitar intro immediately draws you into this track. The vocal mixing will remind you of Ed Sheran’s vocal texture. The vocal breakdown towards the end will connect with you emotionally. There is an amazing balance of male and female vocals towards the finish of the song. The musical progression of this track is truly beautiful to listen to. Check it out on Spotify.

“Miss Me” by Johndoe98

Here’s your HipHop playlist addition for this week. Between the backtrack and the rapper’s flow, you won’t be able to resist “Miss Me”. This will be a party pleaser when you aren’t sure what to play for the crowd. With relatable lyrics like: “do you miss me? cuz every day feels like a hard day” it’s hard not to vibe with this song. The mixing will remind you of something you’d hear on the radio. Check out “Miss Me” on Spotify.

“If God Only Knew” by Wild Giants

This song will remind you of everything you loved about the music from the 90s and early 2000s. From the start, you will be drawn in by the vocals. There is a strong electric guitar vibe that will guide you throughout the whole song. The delivery of the vocals, as well as the vocal mixing, are the perfect addition to the instrumental elements of this track. I love the stripped-down outro, you have to check it out on Spotify.

“Rebellion” by The Nomadics

Who doesn’t love a band with a strong bond? The Nomadics are a family of 5 that happens to be traveling in a house truck that runs off of vegetable oil. Music has an even deeper meaning when it’s created within a family- I just love this story! The country elements of this track are strong and consistent throughout the song. The vocal layering and mixing are truly beautiful sounds to listen to. Check out the YouTube video below.

Written by Shaun Kastle

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