Dive Bombs Serve Mystery Meat, Tell the Story of Musicians Quitting their Day Jobs to be Full Time Rockstars

Funny yet relatable, the Dive Bombs serve listeners with “Mystery Meat.” This pop punk anthem brings the listener catchy melodies from start to finish and tells the story of a musician who has quit their part time job at a fast-food restaurant to do music full time. Every musician longs for the day where they could quit their crumby day job to live our their rockstar dream. Many quit before that miracle manifests. However, it’s extremely hard to make it as a musician while working any side gig. Being a musician takes a lot of time and energy and to be successful you really have to put all your eggs in one basket and be a musician full time. It’s a risky decision, but if you are going to make it as a musician, and have the heart and talent to bring the dream alive, it’s a risk you must take.

The music video goes along with the theme of the song as the band members are dressed in costumes that resemble the in-n-out worker uniform. Mystery Meat is truly a hit that shouldn’t be ignored! Enjoy it here:

“”Mystery Meat” by Dive Bombs of Cleveland, OH. Released April 16, 2021. This song is about knowing your worth and not settling for less than you deserve.”

Written by Ryan Cassata

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