Pop Punk Comeback, Mod Sun at the Top!

Is it 2005? It sure sounds like it. Pop Punk has been making quite the comeback and we are here for it. Mod Sun is one of the top artists of the genre currently. He’s got millions of monthly listeners on Spotify and has features with Avril Lavigne, Travis Barker, and Machine Gun Kelly.

Mod has got a new angsty song to keep pushing the genre further. The song is called “Rich Kids Ruin Everything.” The song starts off strong with heavy drums and catchy distorted guitar riffs. The melody is pop punk at it’s finest, with captivating melodies and angsty lyrics. The song makes fun of the youth who have had everything handed to them from their rich parents. You’ll definitely want to scream the chorus of this song from the top of your lungs at a Mod Sun show soon! The music video is very fun, featuring choreography with shopping carts. The outfits? They seem to be from the MySpace trend in the early 2000’s. We’re totally here for it! Let’s go!

MOD SUN “Rich Kids Ruin Everything” available on all platforms now Listen here: https://ffm.to/rkre

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___ Written by Ryan Cassata

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