The Queer Boy Band We Have All Been Waiting For Is Here! Read BOI BAND’s Interview About Debut Single “Ferris Wheel”

“Ferris Wheel” is a strong debut for BOI BAND. The guitar, in the beginning, is bright and trap drums give this a mainstream feel. I love how the vocals are mixed and sound like they’re floating in the mix. I like the deep-pitched ad-libs in the bridge. The synths match the upbeat hook which gives the song a movie feeling. The queer boy band we have all been waiting for is finally here! Listen to “Ferris Wheel” on Apple Music and Spotify. Use the sound on TikTok and Instagram. Check out the official music video:

Read my conversation with Sonya, the band leader and founder, below:

Rob: Hello BOI BAND! Honestly, your sound is so refreshing and I love that y’all are a queer group. Could you tell us more about the members of the band and how the group formed?

BOI BAND: Thank you so much! We’re very proud to be representing the diversity of the queer community and adding to our visibility. Sonya (she/her, identifies as lesbian) is the founder of BOI BAND and leads our creative vision; Kayden (they/them, identifies as bi-gender) is our lead producer and is a super talented musician and songwriter; Kristin (she/her, identifies as lesbian), also known as DJ LIVEWIRE, and works on production; Mik (they/them, identifies as non-binary) is an amazing songwriter, musician, and solo artist as well; and Coda (she/her, identifies as queer) is our other main producer and also produces and write her own music as a solo artist. Together, we truly embody the love and fun we hope to inspire through our music!

Rob: What would you like your listeners to know about your debut single, “Ferris Wheel”?

BOI BAND: Because BOI BAND started out as a cover band and was only expecting to be a fun side project on weekends, we’re extra excited to have evolved and share our first original song with the world. “Ferris Wheel” has been a labor of love for the past 2 years – it’s a fun, catchy, summer bop with a sweet and charming storyline in our music video – and really establishes us as the “boy band” queer folks have been looking for!

Rob: What upcoming projects can we look forward to??

BOI BAND: Our first EP will be released on June 10th! “Ferris Wheel” is included along with 3 other songs we’re almost done producing. Each song gives you a taste of our various musical influences so there will be something for every music fan to enjoy. But we’re most looking forward to releasing “Mainstream,” which we strongly believe will be a queer anthem since it’s written from the unique perspectives of Kayden and Mik, yet every human will be able to relate to the message of struggling with societal expectations.

Rob: Is there anything you’d like to say queer youth that may be struggling with current anti-trans and anti-queer legislation? 

BOI BAND: Please know that you are seen, you are heard, you are valid, and you are LOVED. BOI BAND is here to provide you with a safe space, to help you see there are others like you who are pushing to be more visible, that we will not allow our voices to be silenced, and give you music to help you heal or just enjoy your lives authentically.

Rob: Please include a fun fact about the group that we wouldn’t know by just listening to the music!

BOI BAND: For one thing this group was created to just be a fun, weekend project singing boy band cover songs – but the fans had other plans! Very quickly we realized that this little idea we had was way bigger than we ever imagined. This band is bigger than all of us, and we are so thankful for the opportunity to be a voice in the mission to full equality and our mission of inspiring love, visibility, and self-acceptance. 

Written by Rob Bos

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