3 New Releases I Can’t Stop Listening To: Songs by Ryan Cassata, LACES, and Jade Hilton.

“Your Mind (You’re Mine)” by Ryan Cassata

The synths and light hi-hats come in really smooth. I love the immediate sense of passion in the vocals and the intense lyrics match the style of the song. The snaps and light claps are blended well under the vocals, I love the crisp sound of the supporting vocals. I appreciate the funky bass line with a sexy emphasis. Listen on Spotify and Apple Music.

“Thirsty feat. Molly Miller” by LACES

The cover is interesting and gives a pop-punk vibe. When hearing the initial oh chants, I then was surprised to hear an acoustic build-up. I love the catchy hook! Great voice, and uplifting hook with lyrics that can be heard bumping in any car. I think her personality dominates in the verses with vivid imagery and smoothness. The ad-libs remind me of Taylor Swift with a bad girl vibe. Listen on SoundCloud and Apple Music.

“Not My Type” by Jade Hilton

The intro with Jade softly singing immediately gained my attention. Her sweet, soft approach is enticing. The mix of light vocals and piano blends very well with the synth. I am loving the hook! Jade’s singing gives me a bright and uplifting feel of a new relationship! Listen on Spotify or watch the Official Music Video, linked below.

Written by Shaun Kastle

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