Kat Hamilton Announces US Summer Tour with Ali Coyle, No Grudges and Guyville!

For the first time in about 2 years, Indie artists are getting back on the road to pursue their dreams and do what they love. Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Kat Hamilton is one those artists getting back into the grind of touring!

I’ve had the privilege of seeing Kat Hamilton perform live several times in Los Angeles and San Francisco. She brings authenticity to the stage with her emotional lyrics that ring as deeply personal statements of her truth. She shares stories of her own life and experiences through her songs and never shies away from total sincereness and honesty. Her songwriting seems to be a natural talent of hers and not just a form of self-expression. Her catchy melodies will be stuck in your head and have you wishing there was another show in your area again soon! If she’s coming to a city near you, you must go see her!

Kat Hamilton is a contributor to Los Angeles’ Writers’ Round songwriter showcase in Hollywood, curating the finest talent. Her most recent LP Recovery Songs was released during the pandemic in 2020. This tour is the first time she will bring the songs and stories across the country. Yes, that includes to Ohio which remains the most popular track on the album.

Kat Hamilton starts her tour with Ali Coyle at the North End in Los Angeles. She will also perform some East Coast dates with No Grudges. Her tour wraps up with a string of dates from Boston to Nashville with her side project band Guyville.

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