Hoodie Allen Ditches Rap for New Rock-Inspired Sound

The name Hoodie Allen probably rings a bell from his days as everyone’s favorite DIY rapper. His fun-loving personality and catchy hits like “No Interruption” landed him collaborations with Ed Sheeran, tours with Fall Out Boy, and more.

His fans have been waiting close to three years for new music and the moment has finally arrived!

Driven by the emotions of heartbreak, his new emo track “Wouldn’t That Be Nice” showcases Hoodie Allen’s musical abilities and smashes down preconceptions from his previous releases. Coinciding with the song is an elaborate, cinematic music video portraying the beginning of the upcoming album’s storyline.

The track is anthemic in its emotional peaks and valleys much like the up and down nature of the relationship it speaks to. The soft start builds into a powerful punk-inspired melody that exemplifies the emotional waves throughout his upcoming album, making it an ideal preview of Hoodie’s new direction.

Wouldn’t That Be Nice felt like the first single because this is the first time I’m really giving people a storytelling album and it felt like there couldn’t be anywhere to start except the beginning of the end. It’s about the feeling of still holding on even though there’s so much wrong that has transpired. I want to open people up to this world I’ve created and I think Wouldn’t That Be Nice showcases all the highs and lows and the range of dynamics. Therefore, it is the perfect appetizer for what’s to come.

Hoodie allen

It appears Hoodie is making a strong resurgence into a new genre and has more surprises and new music on the way soon!

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