Scarlett O’Hara Vocalist Moses Lopez Speaks Out About Being a Gay Frontman in a Metalcore Band

Scarlett O’Hara are a gay-fronted Mexican American metal band from an area in the country where 90%+ of the population speaks Spanish (McAllen, TX). They are proud to represent two demographics within the metal/rock genre that don’t get a lot of recognition and are honored to be able to share their stories! In addition to bringing new representation to the genre, they have achieved incredible success on the Billboard Charts, Sirius XM Octane, and the rock festival circuit over the years. They have been a mainstay in the rock scene for over a decade.

We were lucky enough to chat with vocalist Moses Lopez about his experiences and views on LGBTQ+ representation in the heavy music scene just in time for Pride Month.

“Metal and hard rock have always been viewed as a kind of outcast music. People would be called freaks by listening to scream music or dressing up goth in the same way LGBTQ+ people are ridiculed for simply being themselves.”

Moses Lopez, vocalist of scarlett o’hara

He makes a great point – rock music is often considered the underdog genre of music for those whose tastes don’t fit in with the top 40 pop music. In that way, it is magnetic for those seeking solace and understanding through music and art.

“Metal n rock was a place for all of us to fit in and nobody really cared about your sexuality. Hell, you had glam rock men in tights and make up, you had Jeffree Star, Freddie Mercury, Rob of Judas Priest! Nobody cared too much about their sexuality. They just all wanted to rock the hell out, to entertain and be entertained. Not to diss it all entirely but I just personally don’t think I’d get that same vibe from something like country music.”

Being a fan and being front-and-center in a band are two different experiences entirely though. Luckily for Lopez, the acceptance he experiences as a rock fan have crossed over into his experiences as the lead vocalist for Scarlett O’Hara – a band that has been beloved in the metal scene for over a decade.

“I gotta give it to my boys in the bands I’m in. They are incredibly supportive of me and have never gave a crap about me being gay. They don’t try to restrict me on looks, ideas, or any of the sort. They just let me be me,” he says. 

“There are many bands here locally or big that have spoken out in support of LGBTQ+. I saw a YouTube clip of Dave from Foo Fighters in a pride parade and many bands partake in the trolling of the Westboro Baptist Church, who we know are some of the loudest Anti-LGBTQ+ people around,” Lopez proudly explains.

Lopez’s gift to present himself authentically and openly has drawn fans to show their support too. 

“People message me here and there about how cool it is that we are a gay fronted band and that it means something to them. Especially the fact that we are all Latino as well.”

The band continues to achieve new heights with a new single called “Talk To Me,” which just came out alongside an epic, theatrical music video. 

There is more on the horizon for Scarlett O’Hara as they continue booking more shows and releasing new music in 20222. 

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  1. I am so happy to read this. I know a lot of LGBTQ people who listen to metalcore – I really hope there were more LGBTQ representation in this kind of music.
    For me it means the world.

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