Five Releases You Need to Hear: with Singles by Andi, Heather Sommer, Hunter Adams, Sydney Scotia, and Fortuan

“Devil’s Work” by Andi

This track is for those who struggle with feeling alone and helpless. Andi gets real with these lyrics, she discusses mental health and body image struggles. I love the overall message of the song that things aren’t always how they appear on the outside. The vocals are beautiful and will help you keep your head up and stay strong. If you’re in need of some self love and confidence, this one is for you. Listen on Apple Music and Spotify.

“We’re Okay” by Hunter Adams 

The soft acoustic strumming accompanied with the sweet vocals makes this song beautiful. I love how the vocals blend together like a smoothie filled with sugary goodness. The clarity on the overall mix is radio ready. I love the folk influences in this singer-songwriter ballad. I really like the melodies and lyrics of this track, it’s already stuck in my head! Listen on Apple Music and Spotify.

“Bad Company” by Sydney Scotia

The vocals immediately stand out with a scenario of party vibe. The electric guitar plucking in the gives this one a pop punk feel. I appreciate the love drums feel with a smack in your face vibe. This track has a laid back, it’s the perfect chill music to wake up to or wind down to. I love the production contrast between the verses and the chorus. Listen on Spotify.

“ME TO A STRANGER (with MOTHICA)” by Heather Sommer

The vocals and the production of this track are on point. I get major Julia Michaels vibes from this song. The vocal tone will keep you hanging on till the very end. The instrumental elements of “ME TO A STRANGER (with MOTHICA)” are super unique and might be my favorite part of the song. I couldn’t help but imagine how awesome this banger would be live! Listen on Apple Music and Spotify.

“Crumbling World” by Fortuan

The intro is immediately swimming with happiness. I appreciate how the chords are blended with the vocals. I like the guitar rhythm and blend of hip hop trap hats in the background. This track is real a genre bender with its plethora of instruments coming together. I dig the vocal delivery and mixing. I get Weezer vibes from this track. Listen on Spotify or check out the lyric video linked below.

Written by Shaun Kastle

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