Only Scoobert Doobert can write a song about the modern age of having internet friends with nostalgic-feeling, psychedelic instrumentation choices. “All My Friends Live on the Internet” is the truth of many people currently, and definitely was even more true throughout the lockdowns and shelter-in-places during the height of the pandemic. Lots of people met on social media and resorted to social media as the only way to actually stay social during those dark times.

The first verse talks about not wanting to meet your internet friend in real life because it might “kill the vibe.” I mean, I totally get it, people are different on the internet than they are IRL. It could be scary to meet your MySpace bestie at the park near your house.

You may currently relate to the lyrics as you play video games with your internet homies, or perhaps your past self might better relate to it.

Lyrics and topics aside, the instrumentation is a groovy expression of pop rock. The lo-fi hip hop beat will relax your spirit and the guitar riffs will absorb into your soul. Let the music consume you. It’s funky, retro, and fun-spirited all at the same time.

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