Pop Punk? Emo? Indie Rock? Franjapan!

If you were into early emo and indie rock, you will love the band Franjapan. This Australian-based band of high school friends, have a sound that is reminiscent of the golden days of emo and early pop punk. Yes, I’m talking about the good old days of pop punk, not the cliche pop punk sound that is currently clogging the airwaves. Franjapan bring a fresh sound to the genre with a stand out vocal tone and intention behind every lyrics in their vocal delivery. “Fingernails” starts off with a quickly paced acoustic guitar and a drum groove and electric guitar quickly join in. The vocal tone is unique, making this band stand out when compared with all the other bands in similar genres.

Melodic and melodramatic vocal styles can categorize the band into the early emo genre, having them blend in with the likes of Jets to Brazil, Texas in the Reason, The Get Up Kids, and more. The heavy drums and distorted guitars match the emotion of the vocals. Rock the Pigeon is super excited to hear more from Franjapan. Get into it now:

written by Ryan Cassata

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