Bae Baracus Blend Riot Grrrl Elements with 80’s Electronic for Song to Smash the Patriarchy

Bae Baracus is a female-fronted Canadian-based band that fuses genres to create a truly remarkable and energetic sound. Their latest release is called “Awards For Good Boys (Meritocracy)” and challenges the patriarchy and toxic masculinity. This powerhouse of a song was written in one take and is recorded live. It is packed with memorable energy! Genre-wise it tends to blend post-punk and 80’s electronic the most but influences from other genres may be heard as well. I mostly hear the elements of riot-grrrl and disco coming through. The song stays very experimental musically while the vocal melodies and lyrics repeat frequently. Whatever the genre is, it’s definitely a vibe and a song that you will want to have in your playlists to listen to again and again.

Bae Baracus’s lead singer Dolly D. says that the song is “inspired by the low bar that the Patriarchy sets for male behavior in general and the many, many circle jerks I have witnessed from the outside throughout my life.”

Some of lyrics go:

Medals trophies ribbons
For getting out of bed while in possession of heterogametic sex
You’re XY and you know it
They’ve got pills for that you know

Listen to Bae Baracus now!

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