Get Trippy with Wolfskind, Bayuk, & LLUCID

Wolfskind, Bayuk, and LLUCID team up to bring a psychedelic sound to the speakers. “75% (ft. LLucid)” is 100% a vibe. The bass line grooves from the start of the song, playing along with organic percussion. Bluesy pianos lift the tracks instrumentation. The vocal flow is impeccable as unforgettable rhymes are delivered over a lo-fi beat. The chorus section of the song is delivered slowly but serves as an ear worm. The instrumentation alone is enough to keep coming back to. The vocals are bonus and the rap flow is strong and poetic. This recording reeks of natural musical and songwriting talent. Enjoy it now! The song is off of the 5-song EP “Your Social Battery.” Stream it now on Spotify and be amazed:

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