L’Impératrice & Rejjie Snow Release The Ultimate Vibe Track “Everything Eventually Ends”

The perfect addition to any playlist that’s got that vibe.

Following a very successful release in France, L’Impératrice’s debut album «Matahari» arrives worldwide in 2019 with all the pomp and circumstance of a coronation. “Impératrice” is French for “Empress”, and if their moniker is the most difficult thing to grasp for anglophones, then musically there’s nothing that doesn’t translate.

Two shows in a row at the mythical L’Olympia, a 2,000 capacity venue with an illustrious history in the 9eme arrondissement of Paris, mark the end of over a year of touring in France and throughout Europe (London Jan 16th (Sold out), May 2nd at Heaven). Her Majesty is now eager to conquer the New World : «Matahari» is due 

in 2019, to be followed with a tour in the United States (May 9th > 18th) and Mexico. San Francisco (The Independent) being insolently sold out 6 months in advance already, and other cities following, there surely is some adventure ahead.

The Parisians draw from a range of genres, from 70s space disco to downtempo 90s synth pop, taking in French film composers like François de Roubaix and Michel Legrand along the way. “Albums that sold 500 copies in the 1970s are the records that interest us most,” they say. Matahari is a glittering, cinematic summation of six years hard work that draws on some of the finest found sounds and forgotten sonic fandangos hiding in crates across the land, all given L’Impératrice’s own inimitable 21st century twist.

What began as the project of one disaffected culture journalist is now, some seven years later, a six-headed beast. Charles de Boisseguin had carved out a niche for himself as a respected journalist. Bylines all over France’s most respected music weekly Les Inrockuptibles sufficed for a time, and he and some friends started Keith magazine in 2007 in homage to culture’s greatest Keiths, from Richards to Haring. As a critic, Boisseguin had a burning conviction that he could no longer disparage the works of others until he had a go himself. And so one beautiful spring morning in 2012 he made the jump and L’Impératrice was born. The poacher had turned gamekeeper.

Subtle yet majestic, L’Impératrice have a bright future in the republic, though if the six-headed beast is to become real French musical royalty then they’ll have to watch their têtes. In fairness, Boisseguin hasn’t put a foot wrong since he threw in the day job seven years ago. If L’Impératrice’s stealthy rise to pre-eminence has all been part of the plan at home, then you wouldn’t rule out la domination du monde being on the cards in the future.

 Rejjie Snow might seem like a rap artist but he doesn’t see it that way. His influences are as disparate as George Michael and Charles Bukowski. He designs clothes and paints. He sees the moon as his first love. He almost had a soccer career but, instead, Rejjie toured with Madonna and dropped his debut album, Dear Annie, in 2018. His follow-up Baw Baw Black Sheep is out now.

The song begins with Rejjie welcoming us on the first verse, combined with the best instrumental vibes that just build up. Once we get to the chorus, we’re hooked by the beautiful vocal delivery and catchy lyrics. I find myself wanting to dance lightly to this track. A perfect vibe track to enjoy in the sunlight with a drink in your hand, sunglasses on, and surrounded by friends. Definitely a must add to all your vibetastic playlists!

Be sure to stream Everything Eventually Ends by L’Impératrice & Rejjie Snow now!

Written By: Bryce Quartz

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