Lady Sloth Teach Us About Healthy Boundaries

Lady Sloth is a band that has been tearing is up in the sync world with placements on Amazon, Hulu, and Fox. The band now has a brand new indie-rock song that you need to hear. It’s all about setting healthy boundaries in relationships and self-love. Lady Sloth has something to teach all of us and the message is clear in the lyrics of the song. The vocal melody in the verses of the song immediately pull the listener in. The song erupts into a bigger chorus section with lots of cymbals and catchy melodies. Don’t sleep on Lady Sloth. Listen now:

“At this point in our writing process, we were seeing themes related to mental health. “Fences” is an extension of that, dipping into our history and struggle with setting healthy boundaries. We started by cataloging instances in which we didn’t set clear boundaries in our lives and how it affected us. Setting boundaries is a very important subject matter as we strive to better protect our energy. The more openly we speak about this issue, the more we find others who relate.”

Lady Sloth

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