Georgia Parker Releases New Single “Fuck It, He Makes Me Nervous”

It’s a must listen track for this all seasons!

Georgia Parker is an LA based musician that makes indie folk / indie pop music. With a beautiful voice and a knack for songwriting, her discography is full of catchy tunes.

Her latest release is titled “Fuck it, He Makes Me Nervous,” and it’s an unforgettable track beyond just the title.

The song begins with the instrumental building up softly and steadily, but when Georgia’s voice enters the room, we can’t help but stop and listen to every single word. Once it hits the chorus, the genre almost feels like it switches to something with a bit more rock.

The energy is unmatched here, and I’m absolutely obsessed with the genre bending here and throughout the entire track. This song packs a punch, making it a must add to all your playlists this season!

Be sure to stream “Fuck It, He Makes Me Nervous” by Georgia Parker on all platforms now, and follow her on Instagram as well!


Written By: Bryce Quartz


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