Emarosa Embraces Retro Influences on Polished Pop Single “Again”

Emarosa release their shining, rhythmic single “Again” from their highly anticipated album “Sting” set to release on January 27th via Out of Line Music. The track is a glittery showcase of their retro 80’s influences spun into toe-tapping modern melodies that will make you feel like you’re driving a convertible amongst neon lights. The upcoming 10-track full-length is the band’s first follow-up since their stratospheric debut in the pop genre, “Peach Club.” The breakthrough release led to a sold-out tour and prestigious placement on the Billboard Charts. “Again” is the final single teasing the brilliance that awaits Emarosa fans in 2023.

“Sometimes there’s a flame you thought went out and somehow, someway despite your best efforts it catches fire again. It was a very honest and vulnerable song. I was actually driving on the 405 and saw my life flash before my eyes when I wrote it. I was listening to the instrumental trying to write and I zoned out. Had to swerve and pull over to collect myself. I put the whole thing in the song.” – Bradley Scott, Vocalist of Emarosa

If you think you know Emarosa – think again. Bradley Scott (vocals) and ER White (guitar) have collaborated for nearly a decade to transform and energetically renew the group’s vision musically. They bravely shifted from the hard rock scene and became leaders of the alternative world with their catchy, dreamy, and wildly successful breakthrough album “Peach Club” in 2019, which soared to claim a top spot on the U.S. Billboard charts upon release and warranted a completely sold out nation-wide tour. After three years to ensure their next move matched their unforgettable landmark release, the band is poised to introduce their loyal audience to a follow-up worthy of their attention. Combine the influences of pop, synth-wave, alternative, and 80’s hits and you have Emarosa’s upcoming masterpieces. Their modern glittery pop tracks “Preach,” “Attention,” and “Stay” mark our first glimpse amongst more new singles coming soon via Out of Line Music.












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