Indie-pop singer Kelaska returns with meaningful new single “autopilot”

A song based on the singer’s personal life written during a period of depression. The emotional track can be seen as Kelaska’s diary sharing how she felt at the time. She tried to put into words the way she was feeling – especially that overwhelming comparison of how she felt as opposed to how she should have been feeling, according to what society would think. Kelaska was on “autopilot” mode and she wrote that song as an anthem for people in her situation to relate to and especially to know that this is okay. The singer is a true inspiration for others with her background and the topics she covers in her music.

The Connecticut-based singer-songwriter entered the industry by starting a Youtube channel where she uploaded a new cover song once a week. When reaching 30,000 subscribers she started making her own music and Kelaska released her first three stand-alone singles, while also attending Berklee School of Music. After taking some time to really break down her musical style and evolve her sound, she created her debut six-song EP, Nostalgia with songs filled with ambient electric guitar, chirps of crickets and frogs in the distance and strong pop vocals infused with catchy 7Os synth over some eerie dolphin sounds.

“Autopilot” marks the fourth release of the year for Kelaska, after Long Way Home, Tightrope & Honey. This new pop-rock banger is reminiscent of what the artist listens to – from Maggie Rogers to Phoebe Bridgers or even Fleetwood Mac.

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