Arlie’s Acoustic Songs “big fat mouth” & “crashing down” Get A “Big Five Stars”

Arlie reimagines “big fat mouth” in an acoustic version sure to speak to the raw colors of its original release. The multi-instrumentalist behind the track, Nathaniel Banks, will have you nodding your head to an infectious rhythm paired with catchy melodies and rich acoustic guitar tones. Arlie’s lyrics offer the perspective of earnestly wondering what could be left at the end of the world if all we have is each other, or just ourselves, after entangling tongue with thoughts we didn’t get out right. As the song builds in sweetly subtle production, Arlie takes us to the height of the expulsion of emotional contemplation of saying the right thing (and the potentially heavenly repercussions). For fans of anything psychedelic pop, Grouplove, or flor, “big fat mouth” is a perfect taste of the very reason Arlie writes songs and why they matter–and everything this stripped down track honestly reflects on out loud. 

The acoustic release of “crashing down” by Arlie builds the bridge between the waking world’s awareness of life’s naturally familiar ups and the burning haunt of their inevitable descent. In a dreamy acceptance, a beautiful swathe of sound offers the comfort that breathes that it is what it is. It’s an introspective track you’d find yourself singing along to trying to set your day off right without ignoring the unavoidable future that will unravel the good things we cling to today. If you find yourself waking up after a bad dream on an afternoon nap, take a walk and a deep breath and throw on this song; let a few minutes of an impressive pop moment with Arlie remind you of what you’ve got left to lose—and what you’ve got to appreciate now. After all, you’ll not forget that, “it all comes crashing down.”

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Written by Samson Winsor /

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