Gain “Clarity” with Becky Krill and J.Lately

Singer/songwriter, producer, and LA-based music artist Becky Krill holds a Taylor acoustic guitar in a beanie and hoodie.

“Clarity” by Becky Krill feat. J.Lately drops January 27th!

Get ready for a breath of relief and energy you didn’t realize you’d been holding out on for so long. In a fresh perspective on higher vibrations with a mindset to bring light to dark places, “Clarity” by Becky Krill (featuring J.Lately) invites you into the energy of loving yourself. It’s an anthem of what positive affirmations in the face of doubt and struggle can unlock, down to the electricity deep in your bones. Warmed with smooth chords, this vibe is carried on a steady rhythm that won’t disappoint. If you’ve ever opened a window in your favorite room on a sun-kissed morning in Spring, you’re already on this song’s wavelength.

Rapper J.Lately sits on a counter scattered with evidence of a party--red cups, bottles, cans, all under warm lights and among thriving green plants to match his light green sweater and warm smile under a pair of honest eyes and cap, peering right through his glasses and into the camera.

Featured on the track with a moving conviction, the 2022 North Bay Hip Hop Artist of the Year known as J.Lately professes a mesmerizing and profound narrative. The California rapper joins Becky Krill in verses that bring magic and strength found from within. He speaks to how highs are built in dark lows when we need ourselves most. “These deep breaths keep me balanced, keeping my cool can be a challenge.” Throughout the track is a detailed and insightful tell of rising to life’s challenges. He’s a wordsmith of what it feels like as triumphant energy overtakes you. Ever since Becky Krill first heard J.Lately’s tracks “Clean” and “Run,” she knew they’d connect. She was right–what they have created together has engineered an upward direction for listeners to follow. You’ll see the beauty of lifting yourself up clearly.

It’s surprising that a song of impressive caliber speaks to doubting their talents. It must be the result of how this duo “made magic off a Macbook and a desk” as they rose to the occasion of the very meaning of the track. Becky Krill’s expansion of talent beyond her vocals shines in her production. Recorded by Craig Levy at Little Pioneer Cider House and mastered by Grammy-winner Adam Ayan, “Clarity” has a message infused with the talents of even more heavy music hitters. “Clarity” includes keys, bass, and mixing by Michael McInnis and violinist Tiffany Weiss (Kygo, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Queen Latifah, Ashanti, Jon Bellion, and more). All together, it’s a powerfully inviting release of positivity.

With the vocal duo and talented team that crafted this track, you’ll be witness to the feeling that comes when you give yourself a chance to find your stride in rising into higher vibration. When “Clarity” drops on January 27th, join me in streaming this track over and over again as we access our inner power, and “just breathe.” This is sure to be a track to lift you up in ways you didn’t realize you’d needed. In an honesty to match their energy on “Clarity,” there’s no stopping Becky Krill or J.Lately. Keep your ears open and ready, y’all. Truly a treasure, I promise you’ve been ready for this track.

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Author: Samson Winsor

Based in Austin, Texas, Samson Winsor is a media professional who has excelled the visions of small to large-scale projects and clients in music, film, and live events. He brings creative direction to life with the soul of sound, written word, and world-building production logistics as his mediums.  Originally from Salt Lake City, Samson's translation of media skills in the music industry accelerated his passions and career in Austin as it continues to enrich his approach to production of music, film, and various media at all stages. As a proud transgender man, his dedication to uplifting the representation of queer light on-stage and behind the scenes fuels him even further explore the independents and underdogs of today's world of expression and art. Samson aims to bring people closer to theirselves, each other, and a shared inspiration that connects audiences everywhere to experience exceptional performance and authenticity. In his free time, you'll find him scouting local bakeries and record stores on slow mornings, mixing and producing music at home, traveling with a book to nature's hidden treasures, and making art with his friends. 

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