Cheyenne Benton’s Dropping a Single Every Month Until Her LP Comes Out: Listen to “My Alien Boyfriend”

“My Alien Boyfriend” by Cheyenne Benton

The fun loving energy of “My Alien Boyfriend” will immediately draw you in. Cheyenne Benton’s vocal delivery reminds me of the same catchiness as Michelle Branch. The lyrics tell a story of a love so strong it transcends galaxies and past lives, a love that might not be understood by others. This track reminds us that no one else needs to understand or approve of your relationship if you are happy! The message is really sweet and reminds me of a feel good pop-country song from the early 2000s- my favorite era of popular country music. Cheyenne Benton is planning on releasing a single every month leading up to an LP release. Make sure to listen to “My Alien Boyfriend” and follow along for the next single on Apple Music and Spotify.



Written by Shaun Kastle

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