Karlie Cupani’s London Romance Single, “Don’t Answer Your Phone” Out Now!

Photograph by Garrison Irwin

Real love thrives in full headspace attention, so set your phone to DND mode and drift into the sultry harmonies with Karlie Cupani on her latest single, “Don’t Answer Your Phone.” This track paints a picture of romantic surrender, complete with lush soundscapes of Venusian quality. In a subtlety sweetness, dreamy and clean guitars swirl through the mix like a spoon slow-dancing in a warm mug of Earl Grey. As songwriter and producer, Karlie’s seamless flow from heart to sound weave through moments like gentle breaths only a lover could steal away. Captivating in nature, she sets the scene of affectionate, one-on-one attention between two hopeless romantics slipping into a moment uninterrupted by digital noise.

“The story takes the listener into an intimate and safe space of love and comfort. No social media, no phones, no distractions, just you and the person you love, enjoying being in the moment with just the two of you. I wrote it in my apartment in London one morning when I woke up thinking about my partner and I’s days alone in a new country, and taking time away from the chaos that surrounded us for a while, as I’ve come to realize Europe has a different lifestyle when it comes to work life balance than we do over in the US. It also has a very romantic nature to it. It was a nice change of reflection for me.” – Karlie Cupani

Photographed by Garrison Irwin

Karlie says this was her way of capturing a romantic connection between international lovers. To me, it reminds me of the importance of face-to-face time while in a LDR (long-distance relationship). Every moment is a precious one when separated by thousands of miles. While modern day screen-time can feel just as far away, Karlie’s single is the powerfully encapsulating sound of giving your attention and time to a lover not to be taken for granted. A song true to performance with smooth and luscious production (guitar, mixed and mastered by the incredible Jack London), it’s a hypnotizing capsule of talent and love story. I’ve never met the person this song is about, but… am I in love now? I am, at least with the song itself. I highly recommend this song to fans of Billie Eilish, FLETCHER, and Julia Wolf. If that’s you, my fellow hopeless romantic, you’ve got to go stream her latest, “Don’t Answer Your Phone” on Spotify!


2/25/2023: written by Samson Winsor

Author: Samson Winsor

Based in Austin, Texas, Samson Winsor is a media professional who has excelled the visions of small to large-scale projects and clients in music, film, and live events. He brings creative direction to life with the soul of sound, written word, and world-building production logistics as his mediums.  Originally from Salt Lake City, Samson's translation of media skills in the music industry accelerated his passions and career in Austin as it continues to enrich his approach to production of music, film, and various media at all stages. As a proud transgender man, his dedication to uplifting the representation of queer light on-stage and behind the scenes fuels him even further explore the independents and underdogs of today's world of expression and art. Samson aims to bring people closer to theirselves, each other, and a shared inspiration that connects audiences everywhere to experience exceptional performance and authenticity. In his free time, you'll find him scouting local bakeries and record stores on slow mornings, mixing and producing music at home, traveling with a book to nature's hidden treasures, and making art with his friends. 

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