Jay Americana Releases Energetic And Exploratory EP, 555

Image Credit: Nick Khan

Following an exclusive premiere with UK publication Wonderland Magazine, Atlanta-based recording artist Jay Americana (he/they) returns with their new EP, 555, across DSPs. The new project showcases the artist’s unique sound and production style —  bridging elements of alternative hip-hop, dance beats and queer culture. Featuring contributions from producers morecalcium, Sippy Blu, Intra Webz, Vahi and malli, the 555 EP is a testimony to the vibrancy of New York City’s nightlife. Fans of all genres can expect a unique mix of musical styles on this album, as well as an exploration of identity and culture.


The self-released EP features five unique and energetic tracks. “sweat,” the explosive opener and first single, sets out to transport the listener to a nightclub haze. The EP continues to lean into the theme of a night out, bringing in artistic elements and genre blends that replicate the push and pull of the dancefloor. 


“555 explores nightlife from the parties, the moments of intimacy, all the way to the hangover. I wanted to explore every emotion from that perspective. With musical influences from drum and bass, house, and more, this EP is the definition of ‘crying in the club.’” – Jay Americana


Tracks like “lucky strike” and “actress” share the same thematic house-beats, but stand out as their own contributions to the EP as a whole. While “lucky strike” ponders the question of mortality, “actress” takes a more melancholy journey. Americana penned “actress” to pay tribute to lost friends of drug addiction. The production twists an elegant piano sample into a drum-n-bass tune to set the tone, coupled with backing vocals courtesy of actor and producer Connor Jones. At the end of its ride, 555 delivers “last call”  — as the title suggests, a snap back to reality that offers the listener a glimmer of hope.

Jay Americana is an Atlanta-based recording artist creating genre-bending and rule-breaking music. Taking cues from hip-hop, electronica, and more, Americana has curated a diverse discography. Thematically, Jay Americana embraces freedom of expression, queerness, and somber reflection. That said, you never quite know what to expect from him. Jay Americana has previously been featured in publications such as Elevator Mag, A1234, and the Georgia Voice. With over 90K total streams, Jay has been featured in editorial playlists including Audiomack’s FreshPicks and Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Hip-Hop, Fresh Finds: Rock, and Work It, Own It.

Jay Americana’s new EP, 555, is available today across streaming services. Take a listen to the full project here.

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