Dogboy Comes in Hot on First Release

Dogboy’s single “That’s What We Wanted” is a heavy hitter, with a contagious melody from the very start of the song. Dogboy sings with a sense of urgency, telling a story about a romantic encounter on a wild night out in New York City. This high energy track is made complete with a catchy melody, distorted guitars, and heavy drums. Every single lyric on the track matters to the story, so listen closely with the volume turned all the way up! “That’s What We Wanted” is an incredible first release for Dogboy which leaves us wanting to hear more! Since the release of this first single, they have released “Rush” (similar vibe) and “Cowboy Killer” (more of a ballad).” You can catch Dogboy performing around the New York City area!

For Fans of: The Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, CAKE, Free Paintings

Listen to the trakcs here:

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