Padre Tóxico & Awon have Jazzy Hip-Hop Song for Self-Empowerment

If you are into the sound of jazz infused conscious hip-hop, you have to lean in to Padre Tóxico featuring Awon. The two have collaborated on a fresh new song titled “New Perspective.” It’s super jazzy and super fun. The beat is chill but carries a sense of empowerment with it as a horn brightens up the soundscape. The track features a smooth rap delivery and lyrics that will help motivate listeners to take on new challenges and overcome fears and obstacles. The song is filled with a message of hope, it’s about learning from the past and using it to grow, it’s all about turning trash into treasure. The song carries a strong feeling of hope and faith throughout its verses that the artist can transmit to listeners to help transform their lives.

“I’m choosing my peace over the pain” is one of the main hook lines of the song.

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Listen to the track on Spotify now:


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