Tales of a Taurus Shines a Light on Rebecca Lappa’s Songwriting Talent

Canadian-artist, Rebecca Lappa’s “Tales of a Taurus,” is a captivating EP showcasing her immense talent as a singer-songwriter. The album kicks off with the infectious track “Your One,” which immediately grabs your attention with its pop-radio-ready appeal. Lappa’s soulful and emotive vocals bring the heartfelt lyrics to life, while the production shines with its incredible guitar riffs and a perfectly balanced tone.

Moving on to track two, “Blue Lips,” a slower-paced song that takes on a bit darker of a tone. The mesmerizing combination of Lappa’s vocals and the intricate guitar work keeps the listener engaged throughout. The track explores the theme of unrequited love, adding a touch of melancholy to the EP.

“Forecast” takes a sweeter and more laid-back approach, exuding a dreamy quality. The clever use of rhythm in the vocal melody creates an addictive hook that keeps the listeners attention. The songs lyrics seems to reflect on the decision to let go of a relationship in order to regain one’s sense of self, evoking a sense of personal growth and introspection.

The EP takes a darker turn with “Lolita,” a track inspired by the iconic 1955 novel of the same name. Lappa masterfully creates a haunting ambiance through deep-toned guitars that consume the sonic space. This song allows the listener to delve into the depths of dark emotions, mirroring the complexities of the novel’s narrative.

“Witch’s Way” showcases Lappa’s versatility as an artist, revealing her more folky side. Driven by acoustic guitar, the song highlights her skills as a songwriter. The catchy hook melody and the gradual build-up of the track keep the listener captivated from start to finish.

Closing the EP with a bang, “Brick by Brick” combines elements of pop-punk and country-pop, seamlessly blending genres to create a fresh and vibrant sound. Lappa’s energetic vocals during the verse lend a pop-punk vibe, while the production infuses a country-pop flavor. The fusion of these different musical styles feels organic and natural, leaving a lasting impression.

From the infectious hooks of “Your One” to the haunting depths of “Lolita” and the genre-bending charm of “Brick by Brick,” Rebecca Lappa’s new EP is a remarkable showcase of Lappa’s talent and promises a bright future for this emerging artist.

Tales of a Taurus 
is available on all music streaming services worldwide. Please visit rebeccalappa.com.

written by Ryan Cassata

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