Xposure Music is Revolutionizing the Music Industry

Montreal-based startup Xposure Music is making waves in the music industry with its innovative platform that links up-and-coming musicians and artists with industry professionals. Co-founded by Gregory Walfish and Ryan Garber, Xposure’s primary goal is to simplify the process of exposing artists’ music to executives while facilitating valuable connections that have the potential to propel independent artists to new heights.

The platform welcomes artists and musicians who can share their original music recordings with industry insiders who provide a range of services at customized prices. These services include written or video feedback and live calls with executives. By utilizing the platform, artists can optimize their time and financial resources to enhance their careers. Simultaneously, curators and executives have the ability to organize music submissions effectively, employing specific filters to discover the genres they are actively seeking.

The platform has received high praise from both artists and executives for its remarkable efficacy and the multitude of industry opportunities it presents. Xposure Music’s primary objective is to accelerate artists’ path to fame and success, plus cultivate significant industry connections. In a recent collaboration with MONTREALITY, Xposure Music provided an incredible opportunity for an artist to perform at the esteemed Montreal Mural Festival.

“Creating Xposure Music wasn’t just about building another platform. It was about filling a gap in the industry and giving aspiring artists a real shot. We’re here to connect the dots between incredible talent and the professionals who can help them hit the big time. The goal? More breakout artists, more fantastic music, and a vibrant industry that’s open to everyone. It’s a big dream, but we’re ready for it.” – Gregory Walfish, Co-founder of Xposure Music

What sets Xposure apart from other platforms is its unwavering focus on providing a personalized experience that empowers artists. The platform stands out by delivering meticulous and targeted feedback to assist artists in refining their sound and advancing their careers. Xposure ensures that artists receive valuable guidance commensurate with their investment, offering varied price points that enhance accessibility while upholding a structured and purposeful environment.

In addition, Xposure strives to promote fairness by granting equal opportunities to artists, irrespective of their social media popularity. By questioning the prevailing belief that algorithms dictate an artist’s visibility, Xposure creates a platform where talented individuals who may not excel in the realm of social media can still have their voices heard by influential music executives.

By offering a platform that connects artists with industry professionals, Xposure Music is reshaping the music industry. With a streamlined approach and a strong emphasis on personalized experiences, Xposure opens doors for artists and offers invaluable feedback to assist them in honing their skills. By championing equal access and fostering a structured environment, Xposure is revolutionizing the industry, ensuring that talented artists receive the recognition they deserve from the right industry professionals.

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