Will Brown Has a Message of Hope, Inspiration, and Self-Love on The Walk Higher EP

Will Brown has an important voice in the music industry with a strong message that we all need to hear a little more. That message is one of self-love, self-acceptance, and overcoming. Raw emotion cuts through on all tracks, inspiring listeners to rise above when faced with hard times and adversity and practice self-love. Listeners will find themselves immediately hooked in to Will Brown’s sound from the first track on “The Walk Higher EP.”

The title track “Walk Higher” is a great introduction to Will’s sound and overall message. Singing along to the lyrics will definitely inspire self-love and probably get all who listen to dance and be filled with joy.

“When they hear Walk Higher, I want them to feel liberated; to feel free. Walk Higher is learning to react out of Love, rather than fear and emotions. Choosing to react out of Love allows you to change yourself and also assist in changing the world.” – Will Brown

Next up, we hear “Dancing For Myself.” This is another self-empowerment anthem. It’s a little slower paced and has production elements that sound similar to 90s pop. This gives the track a nice feeling of nostalgia. The production is great from start to finish. The lyrics beg to be listened to. They are raw, real, and inspiring.

The emotion and love continues on “Surround You.” This is perhaps the most stunning vocal performance on the record. The vocals are romantic and soulful, as Brown confidently asks to have another moment with the person that he loves.

We move on to a piano ballad, “Mercy.” Brown’s voice shines again on this track. This song is filled with so much raw emotion that it could bring the listener to tears. The lyrics of this song are perfect for anyone that may be going through a hard time right now. The lyrics have the power to bring the listener to self-acceptance and eventual self-love. If you’re going through low times, this song is a must-hear. Plus, Will Brown’s voice paired with piano is the perfect combination sonically.

The last track of the record serves as a grand finale, not just of the record but of the journey. “Finally Free” summarizes the entire journey that Will Brown went through to write this incredible EP. Now, he’s on the other side, fully liberated, and that can be heard in both his lyrics and the tone of his voice on his performance.

The journey that the record takes the listener on is extremely inspiration. Walk Higher is filled with hope from start to finish. Enjoy the record on Spotify now:

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