The Serotones are releasing a powerful EP!

The Serotones are a young 5-piece rock-fusion band from Long Island, New York. They will be releasing their first EP on November 18th, 2014. This EP will be self-titled and is currently available for pre-order at just $3.99 via iTunes. Kevin  Eiserman and April Rose Gabrielli both sing wailing vocals on the tracks. Here at Rock The Pigeon, we got to preview the entire 5-song EP and we are so glad that we got this chance! It’s a fresh sound. The music fits perfectly together. The harmonies are beautiful. The sound is sonically pleasing and feel-good. Each song sounds different from the last but they all mesh together to create a consistent sound for an EP. This record deserves to be blasted from good-quality speakers!

Rock The Pigeon’s favorite Track: The Crown 
We Rate this EP: 5/5 

The Serotones have been making waves in the Long Island (Strong Island) music scene. They are probably one of the only current Long Island bands that have singers that can actually sing and play more than the standard 3-chord/power chord songs. Unlike the rest, they combine elements of jazz, rock, alternative, and pop-punk. They recently performed at the Great South Bay Music Festival, an annual music festival on Long Island that draws large crowds and well as big-name acts. The Serotones were on the bill with the likes of Taking Back Sunday, BB King, and Circa Survive.

The Serotones cite some of their favorite local bands as:
Vanilla Coast
Cumbre Vieja
Morning Fuzz

Press Release: “The EP was produced by Mike Watts (The Dear Hunter, As Tall As Lions) and recorded at VuDu Studios in Long Island, NY. The Serotones are thrilled to share a five song EP that touches upon themes of deception, love, longing, chaos and liberation and look forward to a successful release.”

Word from the band: “Musically, all five of us are songwriters – we each have written music for the band and luckily our styles are extremely cohesive. Although having five songwriters is our biggest strength, it also at times can be our biggest weakness. Additionally, the band is fronted by a male with supporting vocal from a female giving the songs alternate perspectives, always utilizing vocal harmonies and giving the music a story-like appeal. We like to write about darker themes, however we often pair them with a sort of “feel good” instrumental. We like to write about the here and now, revolutionizing emotions and the way they are felt.

Logistically, we are in some type of long-distance relationship with one another because three of the members are long island based (James, Kevin, Jared), one of us lives upstate (Matt) and one of us is in nyc (April) – we are all trying to finish school in 2015. We manage to accomplish what we need to via phones and Internet, but it is our greatest challenge and we cannot wait until we all live a bit closer after graduation.

We all went to the same high school on Long Island and graduated in 2011, with the exception of the youngest member Jared who graduated two years later. Jared is April’s younger brother, their Mom taught them how to play music. Kevin started singing when the band began – April is a veteran musical theatre performer newly experimenting with alternative rock music.”


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