Shutups Release Sophomore LP Showcasing their Brilliance (via Kill Rock Stars)

Bay Area-based punk rock band the Shutups have recently released their sophomore LP, “I can’t eat nearly as much as I want to vomit.” The record came out via Kill Rock Stars on October 21st. It’s an excellent collection of songs featuring many different genre influences and delivery styles that are cleverly blended to create a cohesive record. The lead vocals are delivered with a great sense of urgency. As the songs smoothly shift in and out of experimental sections, the listener is reminded of the true mastery Shutups possess.

The poppiest song on their 10-song record is “100Punk.” Shutups released a simple but brilliant music video for the song featuring band members singing into a microphone in a dark room as neon-lit lyrics pop up around their faces. The music video is as captivating as the music, which seems to draw from retro-punk influences while also pulling from their listed most significant influences; The Strokes, Pixies, and Weezer.

The chorus lyrics of “100Punk” are an ode to procrastination based anxiety and scream: “The longer you ignore the worse it gets / I feel it creep, creeping in.

A heavier song on the record is “Televised Hit & Run.” Lots of distortion on both guitars and vocals is a hallmark of this song and record. Shutups complete the track with another clever music video concept. Watch on YouTube now:

If you are looking for a record that will take you on a journey, you don’t have to look any further. Shutups exceed far beyond the musical expectations of most indie punk bands. Their brilliance shines on this record in a moving way. Listen to the masterpiece record now:

Looking for a hard copy or vinyl, go here (it’s a great way to support an indie band):
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Written by Ryan Cassata

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