Rumirr Gives Fresh Take to Classic Song

Rumirr is back with an incredibly moving cover version of the classic Harry Nilsson “Without You”. Giving the song a new life, Rumirr uses synths and distorted guitars to remake the song into something for the modern day music fan. Her vocal delivery is full of emotion and strength, enough to bring the listener chills. The production starts off as stripped down and the song naturally builds into an epic ballad-style pop song. Rumirr knows how to take an old hit song and make it her own, give it new life, modernize it, and bring it to new listeners. Listen to this great cover version now and hear what Rumirr has to say about this new version!

I hadn’t heard “Without You” in years and when the song caught my ear last spring while listening to the radio, I was immediately struck by the genius of its melodic hook, its timeless lyrics, and the emotion Harry Nilsson brought to his interpretation of the song. It possessed me, as certain songs do. I found myself continuously humming the song months later and decided I had to try producing a cover of my own. On the 50-year anniversary of Nilsson’s version of “Without You” charting, I’m excited to share Rumirr’s take on it.


Written by Ryan Cassata

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