Two Up & Coming British Artists You Should Know: Broken Fires and Chris de Sarandy

“Trouble” by Broken Fires

British indie rock group Broken Fires release catchy folk-rock track “Trouble” earlier this month. “Trouble” reminds me of an iconic indie song that could be in an early-2000s CW show. The vocal delivery starts with a folk sound that allows you to relate to the lyrics right away. The electric guitar and the drums that kick in around a minute give All-American Reject vibes. I love the multi genre influences and the journey “Trouble” takes the listener on. Check it out on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp.

“Small Town Queen” by Chris de Sarandy

I love how the dream-pop vibe of this track instantly takes over. The vocals will surprise you with a similar sound to Post Malone. The melodies and smooth production make “Small Town Queen” comparable to a Top 40 Commercial hit. This track is perfect for a drive along the coast or a date night in. The alternative influence really comes through and makes “Small Town Queen” catchy and unforgettable. Check it out on Spotify and SoundCloud.

Written by Shaun Kastle

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