The Butterfly Girl by Christina Suraci

I had a friend when I was young she loved butterflies so I called her the butterfly girl, we would collect caterpillars in our neighborhood together and watch them turn into butterflies, we would play baseball in the cul-de-sac where I fell and she had to get my dad, in high school we ate lunch together, When we got older she would inject herself with this nectar to make he feel good and inhale this flower, while I was studying she would often ask me to get her some of the flower but I ignored her, She started hanging out with a different crowd to get more nectar so we lost contact I heard she was trying to get better, all the nectar make her sick, by this time I haven’t seen her in a few years, a friend called me and told me that the butterfly girl died, we thought she got sick again but later we found out spiders killed her for the nectar. Now I have a butterfly on my skin to remind me of my old friend. 

I miss you Nina.

Written by Christina Suraci

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