“Bad Friends” by Aprilann is About the Struggle Many of Us Face From Those Around Us

The world needs more upfront and badass female pop-stars like Aprilann.

Aprilann is an artist who isn’t afraid to write about the struggles she deals with. She wrote “Bad Friends” about the negative thoughts or people she is trying to get away from. Listening to the song and watching the music video can be eye-opening and reassuring knowing that other people can completely relate. The lyrics in “Bad Friends” hit hard. They describe people wanting to take you down simply because they themselves are in a bad place. This is something many of us will encounter at least once or twice throughout our lives. The lyrics go on to detail how people may seem sincere but have ulterior motives. “Go ahead twist your words around, paint what you said on a pretty backgroud.” Aprilann did a great job creating a relatable and entertaining music video for “Bad Friends.”

“Bad Friends is about facing the bad friends in your head or in real life, and trying to break the habit of hanging out with them. It’s an ongoing struggle I think a lot of people deal with but don’t talk about because it’s a heavy thing and sometimes embarrassing to admit, so I wanted the music and video to be fun and playful to try and lighten the heaviness of the subject. I hope when people hear the song and watch the video they can relate to it and feel more confident addressing the bad friends in their life.” -Aprilann

Watch this meaningful music video below:

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Written by Hunter Lake

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