Multi-Instrumental Singer-Songwriter Daniel Blume Wows Us With His Latest Release “Kardashian”

“Kardashian” is an upbeat pop song by Daniel Blume off his debut EP ‘You Gave Me A Title I Wrote A Song.’

Daniel Blume has a way of mentioning celebrities and referencing other mainstream A-listers in “Kardashian” all while keeping it original and quite entertaining. He uses Kim K as one would refer to Cinderella or any type of icon with his lyrics “If I was Kanye, would you be my Kim K?”. Inspired by his own work in the music industry, the entire EP is like a behind the scenes look at the music industry. Daniel Blume has been described as ‘Dublin’s answer to Calvin Harris after swapping classical training for electronic sad songs that bang (Sunday Times Culture). His experience in the industry has given him an upper hand at creating his own music. He amazes his listeners with catchy lyrics and dance-hall vibes. “Kardashian” is no exception. The lyrics video is fun to watch and really well put together!

Watch the lyrics video for “Kardashian” below:

Listen to the full EP Here / Soundcloud

Written by Hunter Lake

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