The XO Releases “November” A Chilling Pop Song Infused With Some Rap

The XO is a trio based out of Dallas, Texas that creates catchy songs with introspective lyrics.

The XO is self-described as “Twenty One Pilots meets Post Malone.” Which is a great and fitting description. If you are looking for new music that sounds like a mix of those two, look no further. The XO incorporates a pop-punk attitude with distinct and confident hip-hop. Their latest release “November” has a catchy yet chilling vibe. The song starts off with an eerie and surreal intro. Right after that the vocals come in with a catchy melody. This switches between singing and rapping. Throughout the entirety of “November” we’re hooked on the different vocal styles. This trio sets themselves apart with their unique style and flow. The XO is definitely a new favorite.

Listen to “November” below:

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Written by Hunter Lake

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