A Day Without Love Drops New Song “DIY or Die” While Building Community Nationally

A Day Without Love’s newest song is a reflection on the DIY lifestyle. For those who don’t know, DIY stands for “Do It Yourself” which is popular in both the music community and arts and crafts community. This song leans into an anti-folk style of lyrics and vocal delivery with a pop-rock-esque guitar performance. 

The opening line of the song is an ode to house shows/concerts which are often as DIY as it gets. House shows are about community building and creative independence as a musician. The song is anti-capitalistic, anti-corporation, and anti-establishment. It’s also anti-autotune anthem as the singer-songwriter praises reverb and denounces any DAW-plug-in’s vocal tuning help.

A Day Without Love (ADWL) is the moniker of Philadelphia-based recording artist Brian Walker. He frequently fuses genres to create a little something for anyone’s ears. His music project was inspired in 2013 after surviving the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. He sings about facing adversity and rising above. He has toured the United States frequently and has almost performed in every state. He’s on a mission to build community and connection, one show at a time.

Listen now:

written by Ryan Cassata

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