Dan “Soupy” Campbell played the biggest headlining show of his solo career for 500 people as his alter ego Aaron West June 3rd 2016 in Philadelphia PA at the Underground Arts. The venue was filled with people screaming along to Aaron West songs at the top of their lungs, as Dan feeds off the crowds energy with just his acoustic guitar and power house vocals. What makes Aaron West shows very unique is that Dan puts all his heart and soul into that character and narrates Aaron’s story in between songs, so you can really understand what Aaron is going through as he takes you through his struggles about growing up Catholic, his Divorce, and losing his dad. At one point during the show he talks about taking his dad’s car and running south, you can hear that in his song “Runnin’ Scared.” He lives in his dad’s car for awhile and then he ends up at a hotel called “The Thunderbird Inn.” Which is the title of the next song he plays. He then continues to say how he couldn’t afford to pay the hotel and now is on the run again. Dan closed the show with his newest single ’67 Cherry Red. In the song Aaron is still driving along but now he must sell his beloved late dad’s car to pay off The Thunderbird and his mom. Aaron West shows are a one of a kind experience with great music and great people.

Written by Christina

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