Written and Produced by Kenny Truhn


Kenny Truhn is a singer-songwriter and producer residing in Brooklyn, New York. He has just released his 3rd project as a solo artist called “Skeletons.” Skeletons features 14 heartfelt rock tracks. The album starts with an explosion with title track “Skeletons.” By the time we get to “Carried Away” we recognize Truhn’s incredible vocal abilities.  “No More” let’s us see how talented Kenny is lyrically. We are impressed by this album and hope it will reach many ears. 10/10

RTP: How long did this album take to write? How long did it take to record?

KT: I started writing the album around FALL of 2012 and have been derailed and sidetracked massively til about an hour ago when I released it. It’s crazy cause one song was written in 2012 and another was finalized in the studio about 4 days ago. Recording it was never really the hard part. I know 4 years sounds like I was spending way too much time on it, but it was because of where I was at in my life. I was super busy and distracted with harsh realities, love, bullshit jobs… yadda yadda… I’m pretty sure I was doing the math correctly on the actual days spent in the studio within these 4 years and I think I clocked about 25 studio days…

RTP: What was the most challenging thing about creating this album?

KT: I guess the most challenging thing was to be the artist AND producer of the album. The material is pretty natural to write, but to be able to fund it myself without any help and to be able to remove myself from my own songs and see what needs to be done to make it better? That can be tricky… when I used to write things I would find myself getting really attached to the idea in the early stages of it and would never really let the idea blossom. As I got older i realized how to work smarter… how to make the most out of my recording sessions. How to not get ahead of myself and also how to be a better musician/producer.

RTP: What was your favorite song to record and why?

KT: Walking Thru the Park… Simply because I wrote the idea with one of my best friends Billy Calderone in my kitchen one night and after we solidified it I had this premonition that I would get my favorite rhythm section from our favorite band growing up to be on the song. It seemed like a pipe dream, but i had become friends with the guys in the band Glassjaw over the last couple of years and it was more about just straight up asking them one day when we were hanging. When Durijah Lang and Manuel Carrero came to the session it was kinda crazy just telling them what you wanted them to do and how you wanted them to do it. To produce someone you grew up listening to is a complete mindfuck, but literally the coolest shit ever. Durijah laced the drums in a take or two and Manny the same. Effortless yet so effective. To see those guys in action on something you wrote and manifested. Wow.

RTP: What is your favorite song on the album?

KT: My favorite song on the album right now would have to be “Can’t Stop Fucking With Me”

RTP: Do you plan on touring with this album?

KT: I plan on playing shows on the east and west coast in support of this album. I will have a full band sometimes and others I would be solo.

RTP: What is your favorite thing about being an artist?

KT: I think the best thing is being able to constantly reinvent yourself. To be able to manifest ideas, feelings, sounds and moods through writing and playing music is incredible. The expression and freedom you have as an artist is the ultimate reward. If you’re able to connect with others through that than it makes it even better. As for my own sanity if I couldnt make my own art, I wouldnt be here.

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