Buddy Lofton – “Dorothy” & Return to SXSW

Buddy Lofton is a young hip-hop artists hailing from Long Island, NY. He’s racked up thousands of plays on Soundcloud and Youtube and has even performed at SXSW. His newest release is called “Dorothy” and has a bit of acting (the actors are actually really great and convincing) before the song starts rolling. Buddy Lofton comes off as a natural performer and great lyricist. We sat down with him to ask a couple questions about the video and about his SXSW experience.

RTP: What inspired you to write the song “Dorothy?”

BL: “I feel like strip clubs are the new place to see if your record is hot or not
and I was doing a lot of shows in that circuit so I wanted to make something fun that can rock in a strip club or even if you just a girl dancing in the mirror.”


RTP: You played SXSW in 2017, what was the experience like?

BL: “Awesome, it was def a an experience I won’t forget, one of the biggest stages I performed on, energy was great, got to network with some dope artists…looking forward to it again this year.”

“His first official release in 2013 “under the influence” proves to be an underground classic while his much anticipated second release “tales from the lost world” looks to solidify his name with the greats.” – SXSW Festival Page

We will post more details about his SXSW performance date and time when we get the info! He’s also dropping a project called “No Recess”  soon and “Cold Turkey” is available now.

Keep up with Buddy:

Ig @buddylofton
Twitter @tastethesoupsr



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