ARLO’s Debut Performance is Already Sold Out

ARLO is a talented EDM/pop/alt artist from London, U.K. He’s impressively racked up nearly 90,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and has been praised by Elton John! He makes his debut performance at the Waiting Room on March 28th and it’s already SOLD OUT.

His song “Homecoming” is produced beautifully with incredibly moving vocal delivery and melodic lines. The vocals get soft and intense at other times. The song switches up vibes frequently but is done so so impressively that it flows naturally. We expect big things from ARLO.


ARLO says this about the track:
“Homecoming is admission in its purest form. It’s me admitting the truth to myself and promising myself to get better. It’s me saying come home , we love you, we won’t judge you. no one will ever love you more than your family and friends. So why not surround yourself around them. ”

You can stream his new song “Homecoming” on Spotify:

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