Eithermore releases their single “Beautiful Little Fool”

Muse! hosted Eithermore’s single release show on February 10 at Amityville Music Hall on Long Island, New York. Preceding Eithermore’s performance were other great local music groups Ghost Pressure, Hoax, and Necter.

The Long Island band formed over the summer of 2017 and has even recorded their first studio album. It all started with the poetic mind of Jordanna Felice (vocals, guitar). Her acoustic songs have evolved with the addition of some talented musicians. Alongside Jordi is Zach Kirsimae (bass), Dan Sadowski (drums), Steve Ristano (guitar), Alex Zassman (keyboards) and Tim Hutcheson (backing vocals). Eithermore describes their diverse sound as all their own, and I agree.

Eithermore expresses themselves through genre influences such as pop-punk, indie, and prog. Eithermore’s hard work was visible from the moment that they took the stage. The band was surrounded by friends, family, and fans eager to watch them play. Their songs tell stories of relatable life experiences from past relationships to new love and even a song about “The Great Gatsby”.

The newly-formed band performed like they’ve been playing together for years. Eithermore entertained the crowd with their grooving melodies, rocking guitar riffs and solos, and their overall talent. During one song, the crowd was encouraged to dance and for the outro Jordi and Steve picked up drumsticks to play along with Dan to end the song with a bang. We were even blessed by a solo-acoustic performance from Jordanna of a new song.

Eithermore’s single, “Beautiful Little Fool”, was beautifully put together. The lyrics, voices, and instruments flow flawlessly with a hard-hitting chorus. The single really showcases the overall talent and unique sound that is Eithermore. You can listen and purchase the track, “Beautiful Little Fool” on Bandcamp.



Eithermore is set to release their debut LP in the summer of 2018. New full-band shows are in the near future. In the meantime, Jordanna and Steve will be performing some acoustic shows in the New York area. Check out the events via Facebook!


Find this awesome group on Facebook and Instagram under EithermoreMusic to stay up to date and support these talented individuals.


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