Alex Bayly Keeps Listeners Hopeful with “Wade in the Water”


Alex Bayly, from London, is a folk singer-songwriter who just released a gorgeous single called “Wade in the Water.” He takes influences from the African-American spirituality with the same name. Bayly’s dreamy soothing vocals in “Wade In the Water” tell the story about trying to get through the dark waters (dark emotions, times, feelings), but knowing exactly where you are headed in life. It’s a song about knowing your purpose and being sure of it even though you have a current struggle.

As you listen to the song you feel like you are along for the journey right besides Alex Bayly. He then sings and explains how he simply reached love and happiness still through it all, that there’s always some good in all the bad. The singer describes bleak landscapes as well and an example in the lyrics is in the line “…skin is cracking/in the heat/the desert night sky/looks so bleak.” Those are beautiful metaphors that he used to describe his personal struggles. He puts his life in perspective as a unique form of art and doing so is a gift. The closing conclusion of the song is “…the grass is growing/on the hill/my time’s not up yet/or so I feel…” meaning that he is not giving up even through these hard times. The song is very vulnerable and brave for a new artist to release and we certainly look forward to hearing more from this promising new artist. You can find his new single via SoundCloud, Itunes, and Spotify. He also has released an EP in 2017 called “New America.”

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