Dan Godlin Shares Powerful Song About Falling In Love With Your Best Friend

Pop country singer and New York native Dan Godlin, released a new song on his soundcloud recently. The song is titled “Demolition Heart.” It’s a song about break-ups and the heartbreak that follows, and it’s full of angsty lyrics. We got to chat a bit with Dan to hear his inspiration for the song. According to Godlin the song was about a girl he fell in love with in high school. He then shares that the two have been best friends since middle school, and were inseparable which caused Godlin to develop strong feelings very early in their relationship. Godlin was very eager for more in their relationship, and that made things complicated quickly because, he was always in the friend zone. I’m sure many people can relate to this story. The girl he was so deeply in love with, always had a string of boyfriends throughout their high school experience and he was always just her best friend.


Finally during Senior year, Dan Godlin and his dream girl get together, but only for a few short weeks. Godlin was so crushed and heartbroken for what seemed a lifetime. Godlin said the idea for “Demolition Heart” came to him when he was at a party and ran into his ex, she was with her old boyfriend. The pain sent Godlin into a drunk rampage, he ran down to the basement, and after punching a few walls “Demolition Heart” was born. Now Godlin is finally moved on and happy, and he says that writing music really helped him get all of his emotions released in a healthy way, and that walls are no longer an issue for him.

He sings beautifully and the production of the song is very well done. The hook of the song is very catchy and radio-friendly. He tells the story through his lyrics in a way that’s easy to understand. I’m sure this song will be the anthem for anyone who has been in this situation. He’s had successes with placements of his music in film and TV and has racked up a significant amount of Spotify plays.

You can stream “Demolition Heart” on Spotify here:

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