Carrie Schneider Started Songwriting Young, Now Released Brave Debut EP

With slide guitars and a beautiful acoustic guitar strumming, Carrie Schneider delivers a gorgeous vocal melody on her song titled “Goldenheart.” The young and talented artist sounds a bit like Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley. The melody of the song is catchy the entire time and feels a bit familiar to listeners, it’s the feeling of a warm hug. The track feels great and is performed flawlessly. She echoes the line “I’m still here.” It’s a very powerful song.

Carrie Flowerbed.jpg

Carrie Schneider began writing songs at the young age of 12. Not long after she began the writing process, her supportive parents surprised her with professional studio time at Rockhouse Productions in Saint Joseph, MN. It was here where she got inspired to produce music as well as write music. She would stay in the studio long after everyone had gone home in the night and she would explore music production and spend time developing her signature style. Her debut EP is called “Flowerbed” and was released just a few days ago. Currently, she can be found in various cities in Minnesota performing her incredible original music.

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